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To say that Life is anything less than mostly chance and surprise would be to shortchange the rangy bastard. He’s got a presence, ever, that inspires, provokes, and constipates sometimes too. More than that, he thrives at every moment with the impatience of an electron, the memory of a pulled tooth, and the permanence of a breath.

We admire surfers because they embrace something of all this and call it a lifestyle — a profession for some. For others of us there can be the touch of grace upon the wall of a friend’s apartment, or fresh bagels, or laughter and sorrow.


    i knew you were religious, bra.

    French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes, the man credited with the invention of (x,y) coordinates, once attempted to prove the existence of god by using math. During his flawed proof he constructed one of the most important sentences in the history of thought, Cogito ergo sum — I think therefore I am. Immanuel Kant, who later proved Descartes’ logic to be circular, is himself most known, perhaps, for his theory of the sublime.

    I think that both men would agree that any explanation that attmepted to describe this that doesn’t imply the infinite would be sorely lacking.

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