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Here’s something from the lab. I wanted to put together some of my favorite pics from a year of blogging, but in the end I still had to skip a few good ones.


    While i’m saddened that none of the walls of the old factory that I live in made it into this piece, this is probably the coolest thing of yours that I have ever seen. No shit.

    reminiscience of that ol’ fi narrative
    you a visual cobbler baptizing son son

    […] For as much time as I have spent waxing on about flat, graphic compositions, vast depth is also deeply compelling. The thought crossed my mind as I flew home from last weekend that sunset, as seen from above the clouds, will make a pious man out of a sinner — at least for the duration of an east-bound flight from Las Vegas. It begs mention that any non-trivial shift in perspective provokes contemplation not of the nectar that we sip daily, but of the whole fruit itself. Boom-shots! […]

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