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Alex Antitch adjusts a strobe with his assistant
two models at Gary Graham, fall 2011
Gary Graham, fall 2011

For the past few seasons I’ve shot video for Gary Graham’s fashion week presentations under the tutelage of Alex Antitch for Ace Collective. Antitch is Graham’s regular photographer and the creative director of his most recent shows. This time around the shoot was at Graham’s recently christened Tribeca space. There was the usual frenetic energy belowdecks and the calm focus of execution above.

During the first fifteen minutes of the show photographers jostle for position in front of the attendees. “Hey man, you’re in my shot.” It’s a scrum. After they decamp, there’s room for everyone to look.


    This is great. I look forward to seeing the video.

    Thanks for checking in, Craig. I’ll post a link when the video’s up.

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