Legacy Lives On

In the Spring of 2019 I directed Legacy Lives On, an hourlong documentary charting the paths to financial wellness of three Millennial women living at different social strata. One woman lives paycheck-to-paycheck and is early in her entrepreneurial path, another is on the verge of opening a retail store after graduate and professional work in a different sector, and the third became a millionaire by the age of 30 when she sold her business to Amazon.

The film was made for Prudential via one of their advertising firms, One X Studios. We filmed the story in three cities rich in black economic history: Tulsa, Detroit, and Atlanta, with an additional week in NYC.

Each woman’s story gave room to explore a person’s relationship with money and the larger story of financial wellness in the black community. Many audience members were in tears during the premiere and at subsequent screenings I’ve attended. The film has aired several times on television, has over a million views on YouTube, won a gold Telly award, and continues to screen at festivals.

Here’s a deleted scene that made a fun alternate teaser:

  • client :  Prudential
  • agency :  OneX Studios
  • director of photography :  Yusuke Naito
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