Black Renaissance : Unarmed

I created this short documentary about my project Unarmed as part of the YouTube Originals special Black Renaissance. The 90-minute program featured segments by luminaries including Barack and Michelle Obama, Killer Mike, and Stacey Abrams. My segment played directly after a meditation on protest in sports voiced by Atlantic writer Jemele Hill. Black Renaissance has now topped 3-million views.

The film documents the tour I did in the fall of 2020 in the aftermath of protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd. During a trip that ended up lasting several months I visited cities strafed by the trauma of racist violence – including Kenosha, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Louisville, KY – and installed prints of Unarmed jerseys, graffiti-style or in a series of community events. While it was a new twist to be both the director and the subject of a film, it’s the only way this particular story could have been told.

And besides, everyone knows I love a good road trip.

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