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Tron vision

I first started this journal as a way to keep track of the thoughts and sights that pop up along the journey of one jackass and his technology. I had been excited about the purchase of a new cameraphone and its qwerty keyboard, and decided to do something about it. Fifteen months later, the cameraphone is gone, and its replacement has ceased to be a factor since most everything I post is now shot on a real digital camera. The goal has been to be observant, not confessional, analytical, humorous if possible, and occasionally poignant; an informal study of the creative process.

In this time, I’ve happened upon a good many things that I’ve felt worthy of notice and have enjoyed sharing words and images. Recently, however, the urgency of trying to be cute has been replaced by the desire to say something worthy, and failing at both. Since there’s no topic that I cover per se, I hope to find somewhere the spark that will lead to a fresh, pressing style that can carry these pages forward.

This cameraphone photo, taken on the Brooklyn Bridge last January, is one of the set that compelled me to begin this journal. I never posted it. At the time I felt that there was just too much to say.

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