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not the complete set, but some of the contenders

Hours of fun can be had ranking, discussing, then re-ranking modern British crime films. Pictured in no particular order: Snatch, Sexy Beast, Layer Cake, The Bank Job. Not pictured, but part of any discussion on the topic: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and RocknRolla. Have I missed any titles?


    does In Bruges count?

    Just read the description online. It looks promising. It seemed kind of strange to me that Farrell and Clive Owen didn’t make this list, so there are some big holes to plug.

    The Long Good Friday starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren (with Pierce Brosnan’s first ever screen credit, I believe). They are about to remake it in America. Which is sad.

    Oh and don’t forget the original Italian Job and Get Carter.

    If you want Clive Owen—go for I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. As for Colin Farrel, there is an Irish gangster movie that he’s in starring Kevin Spacey called Ordinary Decent Criminal.

    Neither film are very good.

    I’m jockeying snatch and lock stock for one and two. Guy’s screenplay is so impeccably tight. Although rocknrolla began to feel a bit formulaic, i still loved it. damn i want to watch them all again.

    thanks for the notes everybody. I ended up peeping In Bruges thanks to this post. I’d put it probably around number 3 in my current order. Though the two films above it are probably subject to change.

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