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On my fourth consecutive day of working until daybreak, I snapped this photo of the morning sun as it alighted on the wall. It’s probably my favorite of the photos that I’ve taken with my camera-phone. I even snapped a few pictures with my regular digital camera for good measure, but this one is from the phone. A minute later, that golden strip of light was gone.

I posted the photo immediately to my blog, and put my head down to rest. Little did I know that later that night my beloved camera-phone would succumb to the voluptuous backseat of a new york city taxicab. So, with this post, I say farewell to the Motorola A630. I spent a couple of hours online last night researching phones, and there isn’t one available in America that has the same mix of features and small size as the A630 — which is no longer available.

In fact, it is because of the photo and qwerty keyboard capacities of that phone that I started blogging in the first place.

With the passing of my phone, I also mark a second milestone in my blogging adventures: moving from the incorrigible Blogger, to the more stable WordPress. And while the nerdy details of how I bring these pictures to the web is of little significance ultimately, those same details were the ones that caused me to spend four consecutive nights burning the mignight oil. “Basic Missive” is the name of the theme that I designed for WordPress in that time, it is available for anyone at: raafirivero dot com slash missive.

So, this is the launch of my new Blog, and a requiem for my fallen A630. So long buddy.

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