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how many colors make up drab?
Always the same, always different

As unlikely as it sounds, half the reason I started blogging was so that I could put up images like these. And others of my friends. Most advice on successful blogging says that you should pick a specific topic and cover it keenly. But what if your topic is only the textures of the city, your camerawork sporadic, your pen unsteady? Well, two years out I can say that not much has changed since my very first post. I am a better writer now. And a more confident photographer. On late nights I would still rather spend my taxi money on food, my weed money on beer, and some of my sleeping time inspecting the many colors of drab that the city has to offer.

These colors are part of my New York — just as much as the shining personalities that illuminate it.


another late night, another ride home


    Well, I like these subway images. It’s funny, I always think of subways and public transportation as being so dirty but the tiled walls here look so clean, it’s like I’m starting at a hospital corridor or something.

    Oh, don’t worry. There’s plenty of grime too.

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