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A major thunderstorm strikes midway through about every afternoon during the Summer in New Orleans. It’s almost impossible to see skies this wide, or clouds this low in most northeastern cities.


    […] Remember the other day when I posted about how there’s a thunderstorm the every afternoon down here? Well, in addition to snapping the stills I posted, I switched my handy little camera into video mode and tried to capture some of the lightning strikes. At the time of shooting, I was a little miffed that I hadn’t caught anything. I kept pointing the camera one way, and the bolts would flash down outside of my field of view. I’d stop and pan over, and then they’d flash down just where I had been filming. Except at one point I thought I had caught a weird flash. Watching the footage at home later, I was again disappointed that I didn’t get a shot of any of those majestic lighting bolts, but it seemed like there was a small unremarkable flash at the end of one of my shots. […]

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