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Or, a true story of how I got the Red Sox a W in the Spring of 1991. Correlation is not causation, blah-blah, read on, unless you’re a heartless worm:

A wealthy benefactor once bought my entire eighth grade class tickets to a Red Sox game. I told my friend Greg that we should start the Wave. And at first it was just the two of us standing up like mid-size humanoid whack-a-mole idiots.

Eventually, a few other classmates joined in. The energy wavered a bit. We kept going.

A few non 8th graders took pity on us and joined our ridiculous little ripple. And by the bottom of the inning ALL OF FENWAY PARK was doing the Wave. The place was rocking.

Then Mike Greenwell hit a go-ahead three-run homer that ended up being the game winner.

I’ve always felt like that was a good metaphor for what it takes to do something big. You need allies, serendipity, a backer, but most importantly you need to START and to STAY COMMITTED.

I’ve loved movies my whole life and have been working in and around film for about 15 years. I wrote and directed my first feature a couple years ago. And every day I’m at it, getting my butt kicked in some part or another of this crazy process.

Wait, it’s coming around again. Stand up in 3… 2…