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don't even think about it.

The Western Digital My Book hard drive is, to use the technical term, “the wackest piece of shit I have ever owned.” The next time you are thinking of buying one, don’t, then remember to thank your cousin Raaf for the advice.


    see…i’ve heard this before. i was enticed by the price. so far, mine has cooperated. anything’s better than Lacie. but i should probably continue to buy from Glyph.
    and fyi, mercury was in retrograde at the time of this post…

    what happened? I’m backing up on one of these joints!

    A couple of years ago I bought a couple hard drive enclosures and hard drives from No brand names I can remember, just nameless Chinese (?) tech. They’ve been working more or less continually since then… like, I never unplug them, never turn them off. Perfect.

    The only reason I bought a mybook is that I think the LaCie drives are ugly, and I’ve already got one, as well as a couple Maxtors and a g-tech. (I guess I like to try out new brands). Anyway the mybook didn’t even last six months, and I’m not sure I used it more than ten times. Then I started reading articles online. Folks saying stuff like, “if your mybook fails, put it in the freezer.” And not just on one site. Multiple people have arrived at the conclusion that the best way to get this drive working is to put it in the freezer?

    Well, my joint is Deadrow Wilson, with a pretty important project orphaned on it too. And, from what I’ve read online, that’s not a particularly uncommon result. So, yeah, never again.

    yes, this hard-drive is an absolute piece of shit. So many times has it randomly disconnected from my computer in the middle of a file transfer, which results in me nearly throwing it out the window.

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