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Even the drive-thru at McDonalds is a show place for teenagers with fly rides.

“Ay man! How come you didn’t take a picture of mine?”

It was quite a different reaction from the day before. The owner of the second car, pictured on the left of the top shot, was dismayed that I hadn’t shot his car yet. Fine. He recovered quickly though, shouting to his friend,

“Ay Dogg! Them doors is the only thing you got on me!”

The two teams convened in time to make a massive order of Quarter Pounders. There were many celebratory high-fives to go.


    Raafi…I’m from the south. If said car owner started the sentence with “Ay man”, then you definitely would have gotten a how come you “ain’t” take a picture of mine as opposed to “didn’t”.

    Fair enough. Btw, every time I look at those guys “This is How We Do” starts bumping in my head: “Fifty, Uhh! Bentley, Uhh!”

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