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nap time
the scene

Somewhere along the way all those things that our parents dragged us to become the things we show up for ourselves.


    I have always been intruiged by photography from above. Every since the first time I flew some 17 years ago. I often think, “If I was a giant what would I see?” In the case of the first picture I see a Dave Chappel joke in there somewhere about a cracker on a cracker….

    But seriously. Without seeing the second picture I did think that was some sort of Anne Geddis (sp?) picture and the little girl wasnt in her gingerbread (or cracker) suit yet. It must be a bear trying to get kids dressed up and sitting still for pictures.

    I wonder what that child’s day was like to have her blown out like that. Crashed on a couch in public probably sick of everything art related. I wonder what she is dreaming about? Probably Dave Chappel. “Its a celebration, Bitches! Enjoy yo self!”

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