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A lot of people will give you reasons why they would never live in New York City, or had to leave. Reasons often cited include: noise, rudeness, lack of green space. On the other hand, this is a place overflowing with reasons to keep pumping. It fills you up.

For some reason, I managed to snap pics at every stop yesterday. Here’s what happened.

11:00a lunch meet with NiƱo at Bryant Park.

12:00 noon. Post-lunch meet-up with Yusuf, same place.

1:30 Broadway. Man carries Judgment Day May 21 sign

1:42 Broadway. Abercrombie bag and bootleg handbag negotiation on busy street.

1:56 Madison Sq Park. Artist Jaume Plensa’s statue of a woman’s head is distorted such that if you were to look at it from high above it might look normal. Just for kicks, I took it into photoshop and distorted it to make the face normal squeezed everything else.

2:05 Union Square. In another city, if you try really hard, you might be able to put together an outfit and walk out the door confident that you’re one of the most stylish people in the city that day. In New York? There are stylish people everywhere you look.

3:00 Glass Shop, Brooklyn. Coffee meeting with Ari.

12:00 Midnight 33 Flatbush, Brooklyn. The party was held in part to celebrate the launch of the building’s new website. But really that just meant it was an excuse for good folks to get together and have fun. So, let’s skip past the veggie kabobs and defrosted box of chicken parts, past the rooftop bbq session and keg of lager and pick up the action a little past the witching hour. It started out innocently enough. Anthony, Tahir, Liz, Cathrin in the kitchen.

But then we were like, “fuck that, let’s dance!” and Jordan took over the camera. I was, of course, getting loose.

And then the real fun started.

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