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Everybody knows the content game is where it’s at these days. The big guys, the little guys… heck, Desedo Films. So it’s nice to see Bill Murray deadpanning his way through his cameo in an internet-only short film. Of course Funny or Die is no ordinary internet video portal given its founders. (Love the name, hate the website, btw). Still, none of that was a factor in the snuffled laughter heard emanating from locus-Raafman a few minutes ago. Writing still counts, and spot-on performances. Them’s the facts.
FCU with Bill Murray

That’s a significant step up in production value from where these guys started out. I think I’ll have a glass of milk now.

link via arc90.


    bill making up words to popular instrumental classics is one of my top 5 favorite things about life on planet earth.

    and i liked the post-its.

    thanks for this, mucho.

    On chopsticks:

    “We knew we wanted that piano shot, but right before we shot it we realized none of the three of us could play piano,” writes Karinen. “So Brian and I had a PA teach us chopsticks right before the shot, and Bill improvised the entire thing without a rehearsal.”

    I confess that your blog is getting many hits because I keep coming back to watch this. Ah, Bill, what can’t he do?

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