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Every so often the idea of design hits me in the chest like a medicine ball. The idea that every man-made thing we see — from the hinges on a van to the metal lining on a curb — was designed and built by someone to serve a specific purpose is confounding in its size. Further, every design implies history as every object is an improvement over an older less-efficient version of the same thing. Intent is something we experience in everything we see and touch — somehow this fascinates me.

Years from now, when I’m a famous architectural photographer or zoologist, I’ll have the rusty bottoms of trucks and vans to thank for teaching me to revel in designs that function in spite of entropy.



    We should talk. I’m looking for someone to partner with me in an online stock visual manipulation business.

    I think you will get rich. Most likely.



    comment spam just keeps getting better.

    Inevitable change does not always equate improvement. History as in Old School. Zoological semiotics I guess.

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