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Give yourselves a round of applause.
four eyes open. four eyes closed.

Considering the fact that I’ve known the (male) subjects of the above photos since before my voice changed, it’s always a special occasion when one of us gets married. About a month ago the number of us married jumped to two, and judging from the canoodling going on in the back of photo no. dos, better than even odds say number three won’t be far off.

If anyone out there has ever attended a wedding in which the groom wore a kilt and a yarmulke please contact me immediately. For the record it was Johnny Walker Blue before the ceremony, plenty of photo ops after, and your boy was working that tux like it was his job. Oh, and the hanging codpiece pocket thing on the front of a kilt that holds cell phones and digital cameras? It’s called a sporn.


    I love the photos. It looks like you guys had a great time. Wow, a kilt and yarmulke! I have never known anyone to wear both, but isn’t life grand?


    but seriously, how was the food?

    i dig that shot w/ the guy drinking…and you looked nervous in your shot w/ the tux…u would have thought you were the one getting married…:) peace

    The food was first class all the way. I admit, though, I never tried the custom-painted plaid wedding cake.

    That custom-painted exterior is merely fondant. it’s yummy! you should have indulged.

    I didn’t think anyone used the word “canoodling” in a non-tabloid fashion.

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