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Back in the maudlin days of this blog it was hard to imagine some of the wonderful things that have happened in my professional life over the past few years. The only things to report were the reality that those things were decidedly not happening. I started to make the posts here less personal, more bland.

But what’s the point of having a weblog if one never actually says anything?

And so I started writing more personal stuff again, even if there was no anticipation that it would ever lead anywhere. The direction of my career has, in fact, never ceased to be a point of deep misgiving, even if, against all odds, the wins have started to stack up here and there. So, in the spirit of that confused young man, and his slightly-less-confused older self, I share the following:

Last week I appeared on a panel at the newly-opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in support of mentor and all-around mensch Haile Gerima, whose film Sankofa was recently restored. The screening was the opening of Haile’s retrospective at the Museum. It was thrilling to see the restoration of a seminal black film on the best screen in the world.

And it was an honor to appear on the panel afterwards, with Haile and Daniel E. Williams, another professor of mine, along with Oscar-nominees Bradford Young – a friend and former classmate – and Ava DuVernay. I even got the biggest laugh of the night, and, it must be said, my outfit was on point.

In 2017 I took this picture of Haile at his office in DC. He was seated in his customary position: in front of the Avid, working on his next film. The photo is a reminder that there is only the work. The accolades, if they come, come on their own time.

ed. note: if you missed the November 12 screening of 72 Hours at the Academy Museum you can stream it on Amazon here.