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Director, writer, photographer.

1st person: I can’t stop looking at the sky. Or anyplace else.
If it involves making strong decisions about the way something looks or communicates, then that is what I do. Thank you for visiting.

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painted in florida
Raafi Rivero

3rd person: Raafi Rivero has directed numerous short films, advertisements, and music videos in addition to work in design. His directing credits include a suite of promos for HBOÕs True Blood, content for Microsoft, Sony, The Rockefeller Foundation, and an Art Directors Club award-winning viral campaign for the Maryland Lottery. Heart of the City, a transmedia film pitch, was the inaugural winner of LondonÕs Power to the Pixel competition in 2009 and part of IFPÕs No Borders film market the following year. Their Eyes Were Watching Gummy Bears, a 2010 short film, has played more than 20 film festivals to date, winning honors in multiple cities. RaafiÕs music videos for Ghostface Killah and Styles P have aggregated over a million views online. 72 Hours: a Brooklyn Love Story?, RaafiÕs first feature film, premiered at the LA Film Festival in 2016 and is currently airng on Starz Network.

Raafi holds an MFA in Film from Howard University and a BA in Art/Semiotics from Brown University. His writing about new media has appeared in The New York Times.

meditation: painted in florida


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